About Me




My name is Taemin (David) Kim. A graduating history major at University of Waterloo. Born and raised in South Korea, Seoul, until the age of 10. I mostly see myself as a full time Canadian citizen, except for Korean new years and other fun traditional holidays.


The infamous Vancouver is the second home of mine. That beautiful city of rain and depression we’ve all heard about. My adolescence, and growing up. I Graduated Mulgrave High School in West Vancouver. Took part in all spots activities I could find, such as, basketball, European football, American football, and so on. Personal love for sports led me to join varsity teams and eventually, got me the captain’s hat in basketball and European football. Assure you though, I’m not so confident in my athleticism anymore. Prime has passed. Lights has turned off. New Age has begun.


I love history. Especially militaristic history. How weapons have evolved through time, what conditions allowed various civilizations to develop their arms in specific directions, and why not? History of human race is history of war and desire for power. Sad as that sounds, it is true. There is no romance, but there are fierce competitions between nations of power for hegemony and ultimate righteousness called, justice. Power is justice. Do I agree with this? No, I do not. Still, we read the records of winners in history everyday. Winston Churchill once said, “History is written by the victors.” As much as I dislike him, he spoke the truth.


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